Company Activity and Even CEO of Microtherm GmbH : In April 29, 2010. the CEO of Microtherm GmbH, Mr. Andreas Beckmann, took a trip to our Hong Kong head office and China production plant in introducing their new products and new sales strategy in China mainland. We were glad that Mr. Andreas Beckmann helped to present the certificate of internal training to our sales colleagues from Hangzhou and Chongqing office. Sales Training Programme from Microtherm GmbH:- The sales director of Microtherm GmbH, Mr. Franz Benz, will come to Hong Kong and China on regular bases. This time he prepared and delivered a two days intensive training programe to all our sales colleagues from Hong Kong, Dongguan, Hangzhou and Chongqing Office. Mr. Benz presented a certificate of this sales training to each of the attendants. New Product Galley: We have successfully created one new thermostat, T12 which not only can tolerate high current with 6.3A, but also with smaller in size than F20. They are under pilot run at the moment and will be launched into the market by the end of 2010. © Designed by TRIUMPH FORTUNE LIMITED Version 2010 Microtherm GmbH